Evan Savage on Panic Tracking

Evan Savage has panic attacks, especially triggered by caffeine while driving. In late 2011, he was having multiple panic attacks a week. He didn’t want to take drugs, so he made his own recovery plan – logging his food, exercise, and panic attacks. He eliminated caffeine, and thought he had recovered, then relapsed. In the video below, Evan tells the courageous and entertaining story of how he has navigated through recovery and relapse multiple times, and what he has learned about how to thrive. (Filmed by the Bay Area QS Show&Tell meetup group.)

Evan Savage – Panic from Gary Wolf on Vimeo.

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4 Responses to Evan Savage on Panic Tracking

  1. ranza says:

    That was an awesome talk and it strikes really close to home.

  2. ed says:

    Please check out the Wellness Recovery Action Plan, WRAP.

    It’s supremely adaptable, used around the world (NZ, Aus, Hong Kong, Japan, Eng, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, and every one of the 50 US states.


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  4. I can’t believe I never realized that caffeine could be what’s been causing my panic attacks all this time… I’ve pretty much been a caffeine addict my entire life but maybe as I’ve gotten older my tolerance has gotten lower or something and now it makes me feel panicked. I’ll definitely have to try getting rid of it and seeing how things change.

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