Martin Sona on EEG for Self-Experimentation

With the QS conference around the corner, we’re asking our breakout session leaders to preview their topics here on the blog. There will be many overlapping sessions to choose from, so here’s your chance to learn more about what you want to see, and connect with the leaders in the comments.

Here is Martin Sona, organizer of QS Aachen/Maastricht, on his session “EEG for Self-Experimentation:”


The subject of this breakout session will be experimentation with electrophysiological methods, such as electroencephalography (EEG).

First, a short introduction will shed some light (not a lot though…) on the puzzling phenomenon of  ’brainwaves’. Í’ll also tell something about how an EEG works, what the pitfalls of this method can be.

Consequently, you’ll get a short overview of the EEG ‘market’ accessible to enthusiasts and we’ll visualize some data very quickly. There will be some room for questions, but if you have a particular question in mind, feel free to email me and I’ll try to answer it during the session.


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2 Responses to Martin Sona on EEG for Self-Experimentation

  1. Jamie says:

    are there consumer model EEG machines on the market?… If so I had never hear of it. Would be interesting to do some biofeedback brain training kind of stuff at home. There is so much money going into EEG research with regards to event/memory related potentials these days, its kind of cool.

  2. Belinda Silbert says:

    Does anybody have any information about the latest technology re portable mini EEG monitors for smartphones or similar? I need to get my hands on one urgently and I do not know whether they are available in South Africa. Thanks!!!

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