Full QS Conference 2012 Program Announced

The QS Conference is coming up next month. As many readers of this site already know, we run our conference with a programming method all our own. We call it a “carefully curated unconference,” which means that we make the program after we see who is coming, by reviewing the web links and twitter feeds of the participants and reaching out to them individually.

The conference is full now, and we’ve gone through the registrants and settled on our final draft of the program. We’ll have QS Show&Tell talks ongoing in the main auditorium through every session, along with simultaneous breakout discussions on a huge range of topics related to personal data and self-tracking. We’re also trying something new this year also, called Office Hours. These are open, unprogrammed, one-hour sessions with anybody who has a QS project to share.

Here is the plenary schedule as it currently stands:

Saturday Morning

Gary Wolf (Conference Welcome: The Quantified Self)

Nancy Dougherty (QS & Mindfulness)

Saturday Evening

Sonny Vu, Amar Kendale (Sensors Sewn In: A Wearables Conversation)

Larry Smarr (Frontiers of Self-Tracking)

Sunday Morning

Adriana Lukas (The Self as Platform)

Daniel Rosenberg, Indhira Rojas (History and Future of QS Visualization)

Sunday Evening

Kevin Kelly (The Quantified Century)

For our QS friends who can’t make it this year: We are going to try to do a bit more documentation than we’ve done in the past, and we’ll be recording at least all the QS Show&Tell talks and the plenaries. We are having a great time programming our meeting, and we hope that the conference and its materials will be useful to everybody!

And if you are thinking about next year already, please join us in Amsterdam in May 2013 for QS Europe!

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2 Responses to Full QS Conference 2012 Program Announced

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  2. phillip says:

    the conference is sold out – is there a standby list in case of cancellations?

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