Sneak Peek of QS Europe Conference Program

Only two months to go until the QS Europe 2013 Conference in Amsterdam! So we thought we’d release part of the program of awesome talks and sessions that will be given by QS community members. Check it out below, and please remember to register soon if you’d like to come – there are only 100 tickets left. Hope to see you there!

The four general themes of the conference will be:
- Lifelogging
- Self-measurement for Health
- Open Data
- Emotion, Relationships, and the Brain

Here are some of the sessions scheduled so far:

The Effects of Reintroducing Carbs into a Paleo Diet (Winslow Strong)
Hypertension Experiments (Candide Kemmler)
Tracking My Happiness (Stephen Rogers)
Visualizing Physiological Data from Social Situations (Rain Ashford)
Optimizing my Parkinson’s Medication (Sara Riggare)
Tracking All the Books I’ve Read (Rajiv Mehta)

Breath Tracking (Danielle Roberts)
EEG 101 (Martin Sona and Richard Ryan)
QS and Mental Health (Rutger Goekoop)
Privacy Laws and Norms (Heather Patterson)
A Quantified Self Scientific Journal? (Daniel Gartenberg)
QS APIs (Eric Jain)

Ignite Talks
Tools and Methods for 24/7 Tracking (Randy Sargent)
Dream Tracking (Luca Mascaro)
Quentiq for Behavior Change (Yago Veith)
Health Self-Management (Marco Altini)
In the Flow app (Giorgio Baresi)
BodyTrack and Fluxtream: Open Source Tools for Health (Anne Wright)

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