Announcing New QS Europe Conference Talks!

There are just 22 days left until the QS Europe 2013 Conference in Amsterdam! Here are all of the remaining talks and sessions that we have scheduled so far. Check them out below, and the full program online here and here. Hope to see you there!

New Show&Tells
QS Techniques in the Context of CBT and Personal Development (Michael Kazarnowicz)
Sleep, Fitness, and Weight Loss (Jasper Philipp Kalwies)
Habit Tracking (Ioan Mitrea)
Life-Logging using Spreadsheets (Phil von Stade)
Tracking Time (Florian Schumacher)
Activity Tracking (Arne Tensfeldt)
Meditation and Brain Function (Peter Lewis)
Stress Tracking (Steven Jonas)
Memetics (Stuart Calimport)
This Is What I Ate (Ellis Bartholomeus)

QS Data and Identity (Sara Watson)
The Internet of Things (Charalampos Doukas)
A healthy lifestyle through technology, science and fun (Martijn de Groot)
Folksonomy – classification by machine vs. humans (Sebastien Chastin)
QS, technology, and learning (Hans de Zwart)
Tracking Sleep (Christel De Maeyer)
QS and Citizen Science (Maneesh Juneja)

Office Hours
Stress-monitoring shirt Chillhug (Anja Hertenberger & Helene Timmers)
Elderly monitoring (Homer Papadopoulos)
Sensors and alrogithms for physical activity (Marco Altini)
Zenobase (Eric Jain)
Mood tracking at work (Veronica Rivera)
BodyTrack and Fluxtream (Anne Wright & Candide Kemmler)
Limeade (David Reeves)
Stress monitoring (Vishal Sisodia)
In The Flow app (Giorgio Baresi)
Self-tracking projects and awareness (Danielle Roberts)
From Quantification to Information using AI (Ivana Case)
UnFrazzle (Rajiv Mehta)

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