Latest Happenings in the QS World

September 22, 2010

A few exciting things have happened in the past week that I wanted to highlight.

Two New Groups
There are now 10 global Quantified Self Show&Tell Meetup groups, with the newest ones in:
San Diego, organized by Ernesto Ramirez, John Amschler, Cece O’Connor, and Gregg Masters, and
Toronto, organized by Carlos Rizo and our own Eric Boyd. I’ll be in Toronto for their first meetup on October 27 – hope to see some of you there!
New Video Introduction
Kees Plattel, of the Quantified Self Amsterdam group, has generously put together an amazing 12-second animated QS logo to use at the beginning of all of our videos. Here it is – thank you, Kees!

Quantified Self – Title from Kees Plattel on Vimeo.

If you missed the action on Monday, the first European QS Show&Tell meetup happened in Amsterdam. Check out the Twitter stream #qsams.

We want to hear about QS-related happenings! If you have any news to share, let me know.

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Meetups This Week

Azure Grant

September 25, 2017

We have three meetups happening this Wednesday! If you're in Hong Kong, check out an intro to self-tracking. If you're in London, book a spot quickly (there are only two left) and head to Camden for QS talks and a walk to the pub.

Announcing Blood Testers: A Collaborative QS Project

Azure Grant

August 23, 2017

Quantified Self announces a collaborative project for self-testing blood lipids: “Blood Testers.” The project’s long-term goal is to advance progress in self-directed research by better understanding what makes these types of projects succeed or fail. By working with a diverse group of participants, QS hopes a create an example of discovery that is informed by ‘expert’ individuals, highly participatory, and open access.

Blood Testers