NSF Call for White Papers on Unmet Medical Needs

July 15, 2010

For any of you who are working on projects that address unmet medical needs, here is an announcement about a new competition, with three $15,000 prizes.

Dear Self Quantifiers,

I would like to spread the word about an upcoming competition NSF Partnerships for Innovation program in the
Sacramento area (information is posted below). It is important to note that this group will be accepting proposals /
white papers well past the July 8th talk date, so don’t think that it is
too late.


Bill Horn
USDA/ ARS/ Western Human Nutrition Research Center
E-mail: william.horn@ars.usda.gov



The NSF Partnerships for
Innovation program
at UC Davis invites
submission of brief white papers describing unmet medical needs
and challenges. The white papers will be shared with an
audience of engineers, business school students, and
entrepreneurs who will work in teams to find innovative
solutions and develop them into marketable medical

Program Overview
Partnerships for Innovation (PFI) is a National Science
Foundation (NSF) program that promotes innovation by catalyzing
partnerships among colleges and universities, state and local
governments, private sector firms, and nonprofit organizations.
UC Davis was awarded a NSF PFI grant for 2 years to develop the
Medical Technology Commercialization Clinic.

Grant PI: Claire Pomeroy, MD, MBA, UC Davis Health System
Co-PIs: Dennis Matthews, PhD, Center for Biophotonics Science
and Technology
 Arnold Burger, PhD, Fisk University
 Warren Smith, PhD, CSUS

The Medical Technology Commercialization Clinic (MTCC) will
bring together multidisciplinary teams that include faculty,
STEM students, including underrepresented groups, MBA students
and experienced entrepreneurs to take medical technologies
closer to market. In the MTCC “clinic”, the teams (PFI
participants) will identify medical needs, and assess technical
feasibility, market potential and commercialization strategies
for technologies of interest, under the leadership of
Entrepreneurs-in-Readiness (EIR) and with mentorship from our
project partners.

Physicians and other medical practitioners may choose to be
active PFI team members, or serve in a scientific advisory
role. Multidisciplinary PFI teams will write commercialization
plans. Judges experienced in all aspects of medical technology
commercialization will choose 3 submissions with the highest
commercialization potential, to be awarded $15,000 each.

White Papers Format

The white papers must be concise, less than 1 page in length,
in PDF format, and include:
·       Name
·       Title
·       Department
·       Specialty
·       The need/ challenge
·       References/ additional recommended reading

Please submit white papers to Gabriela Lee,
and specify MTCC in the subject

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