QS 2012 Conference Roundup

September 29, 2012

This post is being updated as more recaps and blog posts come in.

On September 15-16th, 600 QS enthusiasts gathered together for our third Quantified Self conference. Here are some quick highlights collected from all of you who were there.

Pictures are always fun! Check out the QS2012 Flickr pool, and a few for flavor right here.

And here is a collection of blog posts and thoughts from attendees after the event.

Sacha Chua: Notes from the Quantified Self 2012 Conference

Chris Hall: QS 2012 Takeaway

Miriam Olsson Jeffery: Recap of QS 2012 in Swedish

Dan Tasse: Some Cool Things at QS 2012

Cecilia Abadie: Kevin Kelly at QS 2012

Brian Duggan: Quantified Self 2012 Quotes

Miko Matsumura: Consciousness Prosthetics

Sarah Massengale: Big Question at the QS conference

Chris Hogg: Value of a QS Data Commons for Personal Health Data


Florian Schumacher: The 2012 Quantified Self Conference

V annesa Naylon: Data from Quantified Self 2012


Dreamboard and the Quantified Self Conference

See you all at a meetup soon, and at next year’s conference!


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