QS Conference Program Released

June 20, 2012

The third Quantified Self Conference is only 87 days away!! So we thought we’d release the program of awesome talks and sessions that will be given by QS community members. Check out the full list below, and please remember to register soon if you’d like to come – there are only 100 out of 600 tickets left. Hope to see you there!

Breakout Sessions 

Breakout 1
Saturday, 10:30 am

QS Show&Tell talks – McCaw Hall

Infographics 101: The Power of Visual Storytelling (Lankow)

Your Blue Room: the neuroscience of ideation (Kowrygo)

Habit Design (Kim)

Using Software to Exercise your brain & grow focus (Asprey)

Health Graph Hacking (Day)

The Health Optimized Patient (Gerstenfeld)

Building an open source, universal tracking platform (Haukebø)

Breakout 2
Saturday, 1:30 pm

QS Show&Tell talks – McCaw Hall

Breath Tracking – how and why (Roberts)

Is QS science? The role of QS in scientific discovery (Gartenberg)

EEG for Self-Experimentation (Sona)

Sleep Tracking (Fass)

How to evangelize QS to the mainstream (Thomas)

Separating user signal from noise and incorporating into product development (Gammell)

Breakout 3
Saturday, 3 pm

QS Show&Tell talks – McCaw Hall

Muscle testing – live experimentation! (Grey)

pH tracking for learning about inflammation, sleep, and mental performance (Fowkes)

Manly Dieting (LaPuma)

Medical data: Public resource, personal asset…or is there a third way? (Dyson, Wilbanks)

Crossing the Data Desert (Kassardjian)

The brain and self-quantification, a bidirectional relationship (Keener)

QS destroying the hospital? (den Braber)

Breakout 4
Sunday, 10:30 am

QS Show&Tell talks – McCaw Hall

Biometric Yoga (Landsee)

Cognitive Measurement (Larsen)

Using Kickstarter for QS projects (Axup)

Quantifying at Work (Reeves)

Best Practices in Dataviz (Lukehart)

Exploring the Quantified Us (Fetherstonhaugh)

States of Self-Awareness (Mitrea)

Breakout 5
Sunday, 1:30 pm

QS Show&Tell talks – McCaw Hall

Heart Rate Variability 101 (Collier)

Personal Speech Analytics (Jarrold)

Open ways to connect devices, apps, and humans (Haladjian)

Psychological and social-cultural consequences of QS going forward (van Geest)

Practice and Quantify mindful communication (Lawton)

Using smartphone and behavioral data with ginger.io (Nagle)

Breakout 6
Sunday, 3 pm

QS Show&Tell talks – McCaw Hall

Before You Can Change, Know Your Behavior Type (Eyal)

10^100: Making sense of all that data (Duncan)

Time Management Design (Kotas)

Health as a Team Sport (Fung)

What business models work for QS? (Svenson)

Quant-friendly doctors and self-tracking patients (Abramson)

Calming Technology (Moraveji, Habif)

QS Show&Tell Talks

My 28-Hour Day Experiments (Betts-LaCroix)

Quantified Awesome: Tracking Time, Clothes, Stuff, and Other Little Things (Chua)

QS+1 Lessons learned from assisting in trading FOREX currencies (de Visser)

Data Does not Lie: Orgasm vs. Performance (Asprey)

Using Sensor Patterns to Predict Depression or Addiction Relapse (Larsen)

Sleep and consciousness (Kowrygo)

Genes and other strangers (Dyson)

World class performance through sleep quantification (Christopherson)

Fitting mental models to a self-tracking life (Plattel)

Debugging Life with Personal Analytics (Heeke)

To sleep, perchance to REM (Berwaldt)

Tracking breathing with wearables (Roberts)

Patterns of my achy breaky HRV heart (Dow)

Accounting for Taste: Creating a Highly Reliable Palate (Galanis)

4 months of biosignals and emotion tracking (Lai)

Sleeping Together (Betts-Lacroixs)

A group mood experiment by QS Boston (Nagle)


Lunchtime Ignite Talks

Data aggregation and exploration with Fluxtream/BodyTrack (Wright, Kemmler)

Stress relief with a biofeedback game (Janin)

Tailored meals to keep me healthy (Langheier)

Open.sen.se platform (Haladjian)

IDEO looks at the Quantified Us (Fetherstonhaugh)

Chronicling chronic lower back pain, posture & happiness (Chang)

How Olympic and Professional teams are using the quantified self tools to get a competitive edge (Valle)

The Quantified Doctor (Abramson)

Scanadu Tricorder: a doctor at your fingertips (Gentry)

The Gain and Pain of working with Health Insurers (Calbucci)

An Open and Integrated Platform for Self Tracking (Nofal)

Evolution of the Butterfleye Swimming Sensor (Hobeika)

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