QS Sprouts in 3 New Cities

September 3, 2010
three sprouts.jpg

Let’s extend a warm welcome to our brand new Quantified Self Show&Tell Meetup groups!

Quantified Self Amsterdam, powered by James Burke, Joost Plattel, and Maarten den Braber – first meeting September 20.

Chicago Quantified Self, powered by Bryan Campen, Jessica Charlesworth, and Jeff Heath – first meeting September 30.

Seattle Quantified Self, powered by David Reeves, Buster Benson, and Dan Vogel – first meeting in the works. Join the group for meeting updates.

So now there are people gathering together around self-tracking in 8 cities on 3 continents. For some extra fun, here is a live-updating list provided by Meetup that quantifies the number of members in all of our amazing QS groups:

If you’d like to start up a QS Show&Tell meetup in another city, read this and write to me.

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