Quantified Self European Conference

November 12, 2011

After our amazing experience together last May at the first Quantified Self conference, some of the attendees who had come all the way from Holland asked for a European conference, so that some of the great contributors to the QS scene could participate more easily. Just six months later, that conference is happening. I’m amazed that we could get this going so quickly and with minimal hassle, and I take it as a tribute to the incredible energy in our community right now. We feel your enthusiasm, which comes to us undiluted from far away, and we hope to honor it and do it justice when we see you!

If you look at the conference program, you will see what I mean!

There are now more than 60 different talks and seminars scheduled over the two days of the conference; more than half of these are direct personal reports of advanced self-tracking projects. Early Saturday morning, as the sessions begin, Hind Hobeika, coming from Beirut, Lebanon, is going to show us her swimming goggles that measure heart rate. (That is Hind with her goggles in the photo above.) Late Sunday afternoon, Marcin Kowrygo, coming from Krakow, Poland, is going to tell us how he tracked his mind at night and figured out what methods work to induce lucid dreaming.

And in between, we are going to learn from people using an amazingly wide variety of commercial, laboratory, and home-made tools to understand themselves better. As always, we’ll be asking our three prime questions: What do you do? How do you do it? What did you learn?

During and after the conference we will try to post interesting links and references for those who want to follow along from a distance.

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