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A Night of Cycling: A QS Belfast Report

March 29, 2017

Recently, the Quantified Self community in Belfast came together to learn from an Olympic cyclist on how he used personal data to inform his training. I spoke to Jonathan Bloomfield, QS Belfast’s organizer about how the evening went. Jonny has been running the group since 2015 and was happy to be hosted by Novosco, a…


Adam Johnson: QS Bits & Bobs

October 13, 2014

This is Adam Johnson’s third QS talk. Previously he’s discussed the lifelogging tool he developed and uses and how he re-learned how to type in order to combat RSI. In this talk, Adam gives an update to his self-tracking focused on three areas: tracking an long-distance cycling trip, his streamlined lifelogging process, and how he’s…


Sky Christopherson: Personal Gold

July 16, 2014

Sky Christopherson first spoke at a QS meetup about his self-tracking discovery on sports performance made while training for a cycling competition in which he set a new world record. His experience led him to help other athletes use personal data to obtain their best performances. In this talk, Sky and his wife Tamara recount his works as a training advisor to the 2012 women’s olympic track cycling team that led to a surprise silver medal.


Adrienne Andrew Slaughter on Going Carbless in Seattle

June 2, 2014

Tracking diet and weight is nothing new and we’ve seen plenty of talks on the influence of carbohydrate intake on weight and metabolic values. But what about other pieces of daily life that could be influenced by what we eat? Adrienne Andrew Slaughter was testing out a new diet that included carbohydrate restriction. At the…


Arlene Ducao on Tracking A Brain on a Bike

May 14, 2014

Arlene Ducao came to QS from using the WiFit to track personal metrics. As a researcher and maker she started to apply the lessons from self-tracking to another one of her interests, cycling. As a frequent bike ride she started with simple customizations like adding LEDs to her helmet. When consumer EEG devices came on…


Fit Fifties, Sound Sixties: Maria Benet on Active Aging

April 10, 2014

Maria Benet began tracking her activity a few years ago as a way to lose weight and take control of her health. What started with a simple pedometer and a few custom Access databases has morphed into a multi-year tracking project that includes news apps and tools. Her progress and data has even spurred her…


Mike McDearmon on Things I Run Into

February 20, 2014

There are no shortage of apps and devices to track our various physical activities. Going for run? A few laps at the pool? An early morning hike? All of these are trackable with data delivered and archived in a variety of different ways. Mike McDearmon loves to get outdoors, and he also loves tracking his…


Custom Cycling Dashboard

April 7, 2009

Mark Bernstein, the developer of Tinderbox, sent along this post about a QS-flavored cycling dashboard one of his users made.