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How to Start Your Own Quantified Self Show&Tell

October 7, 2011

Since we started the Quantified Self in 2007, we’ve enjoyed watching the idea grow and spread. Recently, I decided to revise our FAQ about how to start a Quantified Self Show&Tell to take advantage of what we and others have learned from doing this many times over. I asked Show&Tell organizers around the world to…


Joe and Lisa Betts-LaCroix on Meta-QS

April 11, 2011

Long-time Quantified Self regulars Joe & Lisa Betts-LaCroix co-present their comparison of QS to the better-studied practice of journaling, and their vision for meta-QS research: finding out whether self quantification can actually bring about desired changes in the people doing it.  In their engaging video below, they also suggest how a new age of personal enlightment…


Alien Data

October 1, 2008

A column by Olivia Judson in today’s New York Times touches on both scientific and literary testimony about the self-blindness of human beings. In “Wanted: Intelligent Aliens, for a Research Project,” Judson points out that we are terrible self-analyzers, at least using the tools of our ordinary understanding and perception. If there is anything living…



September 11, 2008

On September 10, 2008, twenty-eight people interested in collecting all kinds of data about themselves held the first QS Show&Tell in Pacifica, California. Even before the meeting started, it attracted some good-natured ridicule in the Washington Post. People tracking their most mundane activities? Why? It’s a reasonable question. One of the most interesting things I…