From Heart Rate Variability 101 to QS Destroying the Hospital: 10 New QS Conference Sessions

We’re excited to announce another new batch of talks and sessions at the upcoming QS conference. Thanks to everyone who is stepping up to speak! The full roster of show&tell talks and breakout sessions so far is listed here.

Check out these awesome new topics:

Show&Tell Talks

Accounting for Taste: Creating a Highly Reliable Palate (Toli Galanis)
To Sleep, Perchance to REM (Ariel Berwaldt)
Patterns of My Achy Breaky HRV Heart (Jo Beth Dow)
Debugging Life with Personal Analytics (Stefan Heeke)
Sleeping Together (Lisa and Joe Betts-LaCroix)

Breakout Conversations

Best Practices in Dataviz (Lee Lukehart)
QS Destroying the Hospital? (Maarten den Braber)
Building an open source, universal tracking platform (Erik Haukebo)
Quantifying at Work (David Reeves)
Heart Rate Variability 101 (Ronda Collier)

All sessions are defined by attendees in advance of the conference, like a curated unconference. There will be overlapping breakout sessions, show&tell talks, and posters for you to choose from. We will keep posting them here as the date approaches.

If you’d like to join us, you can register here. And if you have a personal self-tracking story to share or would like to lead a breakout discussion, please let us know!

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