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Christel De Maeyer: My Journey With Sleep Monitoring

September 29, 2014

Like many people, Christel de Maeyer felt that her sleep could be better. Presenting at our 2013 conference in Europe, Christel shares what she learned from collecting over three years of sleep data. What did Christel do? Christel tracked her sleep for 2 years with various devices. She tested the effects of different variables on her sleep…


Jan-Geert Munneke on Tracking Snoring and Sleep

June 19, 2014

Jan-Geert Munneke has had an issue with snoring for quite a while. He started off his self-tracking journey by tracking his snoring with the Snore Lab app. Having this data led him to think about how he could understand what was going on while he was sleeping. So, he decided to incorporate more sensors to…


Bill Schuller on Counting with My Kids

January 22, 2014

Our show&tell talks usually give you insight into new and different self-tracking projects from a first person perspective. What we rarely hear about is how a self-tracking practice affects those around you, your family and friends. In this wonderful Ignite talk from our 2013 Global Conference Bill Schuller explains how his tracking has impacted his…


How to Download Your Zeo Data

May 21, 2013

If you’re a loyal, or even infrequent user of the Zeo sleep tracking device then you’ve probably heard the sad news that the company has shut down. This opens up a lot of questions about what is means to make consumer devices in this day and age, but rather than focus on those issues we’ld…


Ari Berwaldt on Sleep, Cognition and Fasting

February 21, 2013

Ari Berwaldt wanted to better understand how his sleep affected his mental performance. In this great talk Ari explains his insights from tracking his cognitive skills using Quantified Mind and some surprising results about the lack of correlation between his Zeo data and his mental performance. Make sure to keep watching as Ari also explains…


Joe Betts-LaCroix on Fitbit vs. Zeo

October 17, 2011

The entertaining and curious Joe Betts-Lacroix shares his investigation to decide which device he will use to track sleep. He includes how he uses each device, his opinions and how one device makes him feel that his sleep matters! (Filmed at the Quantified Self Silicon Valley meetup at Stanford’s Calming Technologies lab.)


Technology Review Explores the Self-Tracking Movement

July 2, 2011

Emily Singer, a journalist with MIT’s Technology Review, has an extensive series of articles and interviews on “The Measured Life“. She was at the Quantified Self Conference a month ago, seems to have talked with everyone, and has since been writing up a storm. The July issue of the magazine has a cool cover, the…


Polyphasic Sleep Experiment at Zeo

November 12, 2010

There’s a great new post over at the Zeo blog by an experienced polyphasic sleeper – instead of sleeping in one 8 hour chunk, he breaks it up into three segments throughout the day. In his post he shows how he used Zeo to help optimize sleep quality and create a polyphasic schedule that feels better…


Ben Rubin on Measuring Sleep

May 1, 2010

Zeo co-founder Ben Rubin spoke at the last Bay Area QS Show&Tell at Stanford University. Click on the video below to hear his thoughts about measuring sleep and the future of Zeo. Ben Rubin on Zeo and sleep measurement from Kevin Kelly on Vimeo.